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Giraffes and Laughs

Giraffes 🦒 & Laughs 🎭 A cannabis friendly comedy show featuring new glass by @robertson.glass & jokes by @georgepcomedy !! If you ain’t Giraffin’ then you ain’t Laughin’ 😂!

@robertson.glass a graduate of Canada’s prestigious, Sheridan College glass program, is most famous for his functional glass renditions of the giraffe 🦒 , zebra 🦓 and cow 🐄 . This year, Matt won the @dfofamilyreunion , and has continuously received recognition/accolades throughout his time behind the flame 🔥.

@georgepcomedy , a California native, is most famous for his comedic appearances on @showtime , @comedycentral , @netflix and much more! His ability to shed light on his own upbringing and experiences cause for a relatable, yet hilarious series of jokes 🎤 .

We’re excited to announce the collaboration between @_lamabrand_ & @robertson.glass 🌱. LBC has received awards in every competition they have entered, including numerous first place awards, and awards in the @roostermag Rooster Cup, the @dopemagazine Dope Cup and the @the.hemp.connoisseur THC Awards. Their attention to detail and constant focus on the final outcome keeps them at the top of the Cannabis game. In the end, their product speaks for itself. If you haven’t tried Lama Brand Cannabis, it’s exclusively available at @bgoodmmj 🎸. We’ve teamed up for something special & more details will be revealed soon🎰 .

The collaborations don’t stop 🎨 ! We’ve brought together two friends to create some sick art for this special event. S/O to @vincentgordon for the masterpiece 🖼. Merchandise available soon provided by @fullscaleco 👕. •
What’s better than food when you’re high? A buffet of food that’s what!!! We’ve teamed up for a buffet brought to you by @cholo_ass_vegan 🌮 🌯.

This is only the beginning because we will be bringing you a 3 day weekend full of cannabis, art, Comedy & food! Turn on your notifications for the latest updates on Giraffes & Laughs. Contact us directly with any questions. If you ain’t Giraffin’ then you ain’t Laughin’ 😂! 🦒

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